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Students just like you are taking action to fix America’s future. Young agents of change are transforming their campuses into places where they can organize, engage, and inspire fellow students and citizens to build a stronger democracy. They’re creating the lasting change we need by bridging differences of partisanship, culture, faith and income to solve real problems in their communities:
In upstate New York, Syracuse University students are transforming abandoned buildings to revitalize downtown Syracuse.
In Minnesota, students from Augsburg College are changing the way emotionally and behaviorably disabled children learn, with astonishing results.
In Northern California, De Anza College students have come up with a plan to offer free public transportion to their classmates, now serving 5,000.
American students are making a difference. And in the process they’re beginning to co-create the kind of higher education they need and want for the 21st century.
Join in and claim your place in the democratic future of our country
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