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Top 8 Takeaways about Young Voters and the 2014 Election

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The Effects of Competitiveness and Ballot Measures on 2014 Youth Turnout

★ 21.5% Youth Turnout: Two-Day Estimate Comparable to Recent Midterm Years

★ Young People Support Democratic Congressional Candidates

Early Exit Polls: Youth Represent 13% of voters in 2013

★ Do Controversial Ballot Measures Affect Youth Voter Turnout?

★ Young Voters in Competitive Senate Races

★ The Youth Vote in 2014: House Races to Watch

★ Why Half of Youth Don’t Register to Vote

★ How Youth Register to Vote

Why (Some) Registered Youth Don’t Vote

★ Lessons from the 2010 Elections about Turnout among Registered Youth

Lack of Information and Engagement Make Presidential and Midterm Years Different for Youth

ObamaCare and America’s youth — why lessons of 2014 will last a lifetime

Commission on Youth Voting and Civic Knowledge Releases Report

Explore our interactive congressional district map

The map features votes cast and population data on young people (ages 18-29) and older adults in each congressional district. The voting data includes statistics from the latest midterm (2010) and presidential (2012) elections. The map also displays district-level data on several economic, social, and demographic indicators, as well as a snapshot of which 2014 congressional races currently rank as competitive and select ballot measures in several states.

Click here for more information on the map’s features, or HERE to explore the map.

Explore our interactive state-by-state voting map

The map includes data on youth voting and youth registration for the last three decades of presidential and midterm elections, as well as 2014 youth demographics for all states. You can also download a two-page quick facts sheet for each state and export the data in various formats.

Click here for more information on the map’s features, or HERE to explore the map.

Find data about HOW youth participated in 2010 and previous midterm elections here.

WHY does youth voting matter?
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WHO are young people? See here.

How to Understand Youth Voting Data