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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

National Youth Survey, 2004

May 29th, 2004
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National Youth Survey, 2004

On January 15, CIRCLE and the Center for Democracy and Citizenship at the Council for Excellence in Government released a new survey of 1,000 Americans between the ages of 15 and 25.

  • Analyze Data with SDA: nys04sda
  • Questionnaire and Toplines: nys04toplines.pdf
  • For raw data sets email CIRCLE staff Researcher Surbhi Godsay (

2 Responses to “National Youth Survey, 2004”

  1. Carlos Medina Says:

    I am looking for microdata (the whole database by respondent) on 2008 Democratic primary’s elections, can you tell me where can I download them from…?

  2. Dr. David Buckner Says:

    I am displeased when your website offers links to the raw data sets and codebook, but the URL no longer exists. You should either activate the link, or remove the option from the website.