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Voter Registration Among Young People

September 11th, 2007
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by Karlo Barrios Marcelo

June 2008

The voter registration rate in presidential elections among young people rose from 2000 to 2004. Sixty percent of young people, ages 18-29, said they were registered to vote in the 2004 Presidential election, according to analysis of the Current Population Survey, November (Voting) Supplement. This rise in registration rates is promising for the youth vote since registering to vote is sometimes more difficult than the act of voting itself. This fact sheet also contains information on how citizens register to vote and, if they do not register to vote, the reasons why some do not register to vote.

3 Responses to “Voter Registration Among Young People”

  1. Step One « Vote Again 2010 Says:

    […] young people want to participate, but they need help navigating the system and registration is key. The voter turnout rate for young people who are registered is over 80%. The organizations that are a part of the Vote Again 2010 coalition have a ridiculous amount of […]

  2. Ryszard Stroynowski Says:

    The argument goes that will Obama wants to reach out to a demographic that wouldn’t ordinarily vote in midterm elections until the candidates performed screeching, off-key addresses of Whitney Houston music. Wasn’t it just a week ago that the media appeared to be slamming Obama for “demeaning” the office belonging to the President of the us by appearing on that Daily Show? I can’t wait to hear what the pearl-clutchers in the media have to say about this latest GOTV effort because of the President.

  3. faixrax Says:


    […]CIRCLE » Voter Registration Among Young People[…]…