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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

#YouthTruth: Get the Facts on Young Voters

July 31st, 2012
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Today CIRCLE is launching #YouthTruth, an education campaign to address a set of myths about young people:

• They cannot be mobilized
• They are all college students
• The only way to reach them is online
• Voting is the only way they can engage politically
• Most are apathetic or alienated

As part of the Campaign, we will provide stakeholders with the research and resources they need to tell an accurate story about youth election participation. We will contribute accurate, timely, and contextualized research and data to public conversations about youth election participation, including:

• Visuals that explain research on youth participation in an accessible way;
• “Fact-checking”: via CIRCLE’s blog and social media (using #YouthTruth), we will monitor statements and conversations about youth civic and political participation involving political stakeholders such as pundits and the media. CIRCLE staff will write blog posts challenging or explaining the statements with research and data;
• Simple summaries of youth voting over time in various forms for use in classes, trainings, and online; and
• Quick response to data questions.

Follow @CivicYouth and #YouthTruth, and contribute your own thoughts to the conversation.

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