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CIRCLE Director Pens Article on Civic Education

September 12th, 2016
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keiarticlecoverToday, the National Association of School Boards of Education published the most recent edition of its journal, The Standard, on The Future of Schools. The issue features an article by CIRCLE’s Director, Dr. Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, on the future of civic education.

Read the full article: “The Future of Civic Education

In the article, Kawashima-Ginsberg emphasizes how state-wide policies can help improve both the quality and equity of civic learning opportunities for all students in all aspects of K-12 education, and ultimately narrow civic participation gaps.  Kawashima-Ginsberg highlights how Florida and Illinois, leaders in civic education policies, are implementing their state-state wide policies to provide high quality civic education to all youth.


Read the full article: “The Future of Civic Education

K-12 civic education is a long-time focus of CIRCLE. Our ongoing research on this topic can be found here. For our Quick Facts on civic education in the United States, go here.


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