CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement)
conducts research on the civic and political engagement of young Americans.
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All Together Now:  Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement

An Open Online Seminar

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Excited by improving and creating new learning opportunities that will increase youth engagement?  Want to share your passion with a diverse group of learners?

Join CIRCLE for a FREE 5-week open, online seminar that will extend research and recommendations from the recent report All Together Now:  Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement.  Bring your ideas and vision to the table and create plans for your own community.

Jan. 13th to Feb. 20th

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The Seminar is Over

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Since the release of the report All Together Now:  Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement, CIRCLE has been in conversation with a wide range of stakeholders  interested in and committed to improving the civic and political engagement opportunities and outcomes for ALL youth in the United States.   This FREE and open online seminar is an effort to reach out and engage individuals and groups interested in extending the conversation about that state of youth engagement and future strategies to improve it.   The seminar welcomes young people, parents, educators, policymakers, youth advocates, researchers and others to join this five-week learning community.  The seminar is also designed to allow for multiple levels of participant and will have synchronous and asynchronous elements to accommodate those who need flexibility.


  • Introduce participants to the key findings and recommendations of the report as a means to ground our conversations in the research and provide an opportunity for participants to exchange additional information about what they have seen on the ground.
  • Engage a diverse set of participants in thinking and dialogue around the report that would not be possible in more geographically- or strategy-bound environments
  • Provide a platform for advocates, those working in the fields of civic learning and engagement, researchers, commissioners and CIRCLE staff to write, reflect and share their thinking and response to the report
  • Create an environment and structure that would prompt participants to adjust, design or propose strategies, actions, programming or activities that could extend the report into real world environments.


  • A better and deeper understanding of the research behind the report
  • How the research and recommendations of the report can be applied to participants’ practice
  • New ideas for actions and activities to support the recommendations in the report
  • Extended thinking about challenges, opportunities and recommendations in the report as well as provide additional information and ideas to supplement it
  • Information and experience exchange between groups committed to improved civic learning and engagement of youth
  • Researchers connect to work in the field and practitioners think about elements that they could use to evaluate the work
  • Creation of materials (in any format) that can be shared online (digital artifacts) for the benefit of a broader audience




Who Signed Up

Elizabeth Matto Rutgers University
Kate Blackburn Catholic charities fort worth
John Graves AUT University
Dani Bormann Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab
Gene Peuse USAID
Donnan Stoicovy Park Forest Elementary School
Kourtney Pompi International Development Consultant
Yuliya Wagner Participate Inc
Shayla Price 1985
Sherra Bennett STARR Movement
Meghan Trombly Generation Citizen
Sarah Lipscomb National Civic League
Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz NAMAC
Danielle Martin Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
Robyn Bykofsky TILT at Ninth Street Independent Film Center
Natalia Gomez Grand Valley State University
Taina Collazo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katy Swalwell University of Maryland, College Park
Susan Yuen Junior Statesmen Foundation
Linda Lien Westwood College
Annisa Wanat
jennifer castillo ncsu women’s center
Christy Walkuski Walsh University
Stephen Armstrong President: National Council for the Social Studies
Rachel Talbert The Close Up Foundation
James Sheehan Close Up Foundation
Alberto Roca A. Personal interest
Wanda Madison Minor Madison Minor Group, LLC
David Paige ABC-CLIO
Scot Wilson Close Up Foundation
Kate Desvenain Close Up Foundation
Courtney Spalding-Mayer The Community School
Julian Johannesen Nonprofit VOTE
Brett Levt University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elizabeth Ventura JSA
oluwole organisation
Alicia Schatteman Northern Illinois University
Kenneth Relihan NH Department of Education
Parrish Ravelli Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!)
Sandra Tague SAU50
Brianne Davis-White STARR Movement
Kristen McDaniel WI Dept of Public Instruction
Khayla Deans Frontline Solutions
Maggie Duncan League of Women Voters of the US
Joy Lawson Young People For
Sarah Gaby UNC, Chapel Hill
Samathryn Witham
Jessica McIlhenny University of Pennsylvania
Juliana Cabrales NALEO Educational Fund
Kathleen Joy Oregon Volunteers
Marcie West Campus Election Engagement Project
Jacquie Lonning University of Minnesota
Heather Malin Stanford University
Cornell Woolridge CivicSolve
Aimee Thorne-Thomsen Advocates for Youth
Gabriela Young People For
nissa Howard Baker Center for Public Policy – Ambassadors
John P. Broome, PhD University of Mary Washington
Duhita Mahatmya New Century College, George Mason University
Laura Williamson Young People For
Katie LaPotin
Terry Yoffie League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
Ona Harshaw Lines for Life and Brooklyn Community Acupuncture and Wellness (Both in Portland OR)
Mary Schissel Mason City Youth Task Force
Fred Waldstein Wartburg College
Jennifer Domagal-Goldman AASCU’s American Democracy Project
Clement Coulston Special Olympics
Mohamed Arous WeYouth Tunisia (NGO)
Jennifer Waggoner League of Women Voters of California
Stephanie South The Democracy Commitment
Mark Favors Youth Civic Leadership Academy
Pat Madej Binghamton University
Chyann Sapp NYC Votes
Caroline Bruister California Forward
Monica Kowal, Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Justin Koppelman Chapman University
Bronwyn Lucas Non-profit
Amanda Wittman Campus Compact
John Beebe Samara Canada
Jonathan McBride City of Hampton
Sabrina Carr City of Hampton
Joanne Leavitt LWV
Sandra Slifer League of Women Voters of Louisiana
Amy Newcomb Talloires Network
Veda Florez League of Women Voters
Elizabeth Bennion Indiana University South Bend
Elizabeth Leslie League of Women Voters of California
Rob Friedman Natural Resources Defense Council
Samuel Ryan federal government
Bonnie Schmidt St. Tammany Parish League of Women voters
Mercedes Soto City of Cambridge, Department of Human Service Programs
Katharine Kravetz American University
Helen Tupa’i AIM HI Hawai’i
Lori El Hakim
William Ploog Saint Anselm College
Lei wang TAMU
Robin Hattori Washington University in St. Louis
Courtney Osterfelt The Launch Pad Teen Center
Diana Schor Brandeis University
Kathryn johnson Alternatives, Inc
Lawrence DiRe
Kathy Bartley League of Women Voters
Nellie Tsai The LEAGUE Michigan
Phila Dlamini Swaziland
Christie Zwahlen Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement
Heather Kennedy Colorado School of Public Health
Rachel Freeman Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment
Nancy Kranich Rutgers University
Aburof M Kishki Final Point Foundation
Barbara Brown Clemson University Cooperative Extension Sumter Office
Tomasz Herzog University of Maine at Presque Isle, College of Education
Catherine Vrentas The Engaged Scientist
Joseph Schantz National Youth Leadership Council
Dawn Maglicco Deitch University of Pennsylvania
Ferguson Fairfax County
Douglas Barrera University of California Los Angeles
Matthew Vargo Volunteer Kalamazoo
Jo Melinson Sacramento Country Day School
Melinda Fine Public Interest Projects
Christine Hernandez AAUW
Christina Billingsley Seattle CityClub
Tim Bonnemann Intellitics, Inc.
Lindsey Sides Weld County Health Dept, Greeley CO
Zack Ritter American Jewish University
Crystal Brown Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Dave Rozman Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Dan Rauzi Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Justine Hipsky Anacostia Senior High School
Chad Putnam Kennedy High School
Carolyn Caywood volunteer
Wendy Lesko youth activism project
Regina Lawrence Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
Mary Thompson League of Women Voters
Rylee Frazier Austin ISD
Erynn Bell Giving Program
Evangeline Panganiban La Salle Green Hills
K Donnelly Goehring Grants and Publications
Andy, Lin
Jane Ballengee Ms.
Sarah Shugars Tisch College, Tufts University
Gina Lavery University of Pennsylvania
Ellie Ertle CSU, Chico
Allyson Graul non profit youth development agency
Shauna Masura Skokie Public Library
Chris Lee High School
Toutoukpeu gyslain organization
gina weisblat North East Ohio Medical University
Linda Armstrong League of Women Voters
Elizabeth Werbe University of Michigan
Christie Preston Jefferson County Public Health
Sam Morykwas Mentoring to Access Corps
Sharilee Griffiths Cache Valley Volunteer Center
Maggie Abney Southern Oregon University
Khuyen Bui Tufts University
Lacy Dawson Michigan Voice
Debby Scire campus compactnh
Arlene Gardner NJ Center for Civic Education
Rani Woods NALEO Educational Fund
Margaret Doody United Planning Organization
Kara Ferguson USC Upstate
Jenna Amerine Northeast Ohio Medical University
Brittany Thomas North East Ohio Medical University
Anita Johnson NEOMED
Joan Dehne League of Women Voters
Taylor Gunn CIVIX Canada
Kehau Meyer Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
Kenneth Carroll UPO Youth Services Division
Louisa Hackett Community Votes
Ryan J Hanschen University of Denver Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning
Sheila Wright NAACP
Jackie LaBouff League of WomenVoters
Erin Brown Virginia Commonwealth University
Sloan Percival Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Jonathan Rodrigues Sociedad Latina
Kara Dunford
Sophie Halter Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ashley Rose Participatory Budgeting Project
Jesse Nickelson United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Anngi Lynch Indiana University, south bend
Jill Bass Mikva Challenge
Jeff Harris JSA
Caroline Welch Hobart and William Smith COlleges
Katie Meyer Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Nilah Davis Youth Civic Leadership Academy
Casey Baxley North River Commission
Teaganne Finn Hobart and William Smith
Emma Richardson Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Cody Rivera Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Jamiel Martin Politically Motivated LLC
Carolina Goodman League of Women Voters
Shelly Thomas Community Action Coalition for the Prevention of Youth Violence
David Leblanc Elections Canada
Christian Lindke Arsalyn Program
Amy LaDuke Family Focus Community Schools Program
Martha Cox League of Women Voters North County San Diego
Nonye Oladimeji Fairfax County School
Linda Wells Fairfax County Public Schools
Zoe Caras The Launch Pad Teen Center
Emily Einsohn Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin
Ali Doehring The University of Akron
Mark Aumann Middle School
Liz Kamerer Portland State University
Ashley Barrineau Libraries
Joy Walker Ohio Campus Compact
Ann Stehling Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
Rory Slatko American University
Margaret Selig School
Lace Lawrence the Service Board
Sarah Clinton YMCA Youth & Government
Julia Ciere Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley
Diana Terrell Saint Anselm College
Mohamed Arous WeYouth Tunisia (NGO)
Will Petrik Advocates for Ohio’s Future
Peter Reiker University of Zurich
Adam Fletcher The Freechild Project
Cherry Lim
Joy Jackson City of Norfolk
Grant Writer
Sam Smith University/Community Center