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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Working Paper 22: Education for Deliberative Democracy: The Long-term Influence of Kids Voting USA

September 3rd, 2004
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by Michael McDevitt and Spiro Kiousis

September 2004graph

“This progress report provides evidence for persistent influence of Kids Voting USA, an interactive civic curriculum taught during election campaigns. The entire research project consists of multiple waves of student and parent interviews, covering a three-year period. Respondents were recruited from families in Arizona, Colorado, and Florida. The students were juniors and seniors when first interviewed in the aftermath of the 2002 election. The survey results from that year, described in an earlier report, are used as a baseline indication of the immediate influence of KVUSA. Those results provided substantial evidence for the initial effects of Kids Voting on students, on parents, and on family norms for political competence.”

Download here (PDF).

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