CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement)
conducts research on the civic and political engagement of young Americans.
The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Civic Engagement of Non-College Attending Youth

April 1st, 2009
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April 2009

This slideshow summarizes CIRCLE’s research to date on non-college youth. (Scroll over to reveal navigation buttons, or use right arrow to advance.)

26 Responses to “Civic Engagement of Non-College Attending Youth”

  1. links for 2009-04-06 - Kevin Bondelli’s Youth Vote Blog Says:

    […] CIRCLE – A nonpartisan research center studying youth civic engagement and civic education. » Civic… […]

  2. MartinT Says:

    Very interesting statistics. I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that a college education increases ‘civic-engagement’ but the correlation is stronger than I would have guessed in most areas shown.

  3. Annapolis Dentist Says:

    Hopefully, with the current economic climate, many people will realize that they can make a difference by simply volunteering in some way to help their community. Every little bit helps!

  4. BeeArticle Says:

    Very useful research, the slideshow is very great, I understand more about non-college youth.
    Thank you.

  5. Lolita hand painted glasses Says:

    Yes at my college many of the students are very involved with politics. I myself have my view but I chose to keep them private. Thanks

  6. HGH Says:

    Hopefully, with the current economic climate, many people will realize that they can make a difference by simply volunteering in some way to help their community. Every little bit helps!

  7. Online registry cleaners Says:

    People at my college tend to get involved in politics very often. Sometimes it actually gets out of hand but its the American way!

  8. Myspace layouts Says:

    These are very insightful statistics. I personally like the idea of volunteering in some way to help their community.

  9. Anti Aging Portal Says:

    To be honest I think volunteering is a really great thing to do for other people. Many people these days are very selfish and only think about themselves. I really respect these people.

  10. Naats Says:

    People really need to realize the importance of volunteering now and we should respect these few good people on earth.

  11. Scam Review Says:

    I would say that everything is about volunteering. We should become go givers and not go-getters.

  12. Today at the movies Says:

    Wrong doers always blame others but themselves.
    Let lead by example

  13. Human Resource Management Says:

    Very informative and well prepared slide show,,,,

  14. Cigarettes Says:

    Awesome slideshow. I will definately share with friends.

  15. Retractable porch awnings Says:

    Judging by the results, college youths are more inclined to be civic minded. Is it because of the college curriculum? What factors could have provided great influence?

  16. neil Says:

    Great slide show. There should be more like this in school curriculums and more on civic educations.

  17. Before After Says:

    I went to college, but I don’t think that in order to succeed you must attend. Everyone learns differently, and college just isn’t for all people.

  18. Technology Says:

    This post reminds of just how much a college education expands your horizons not just economically.

  19. zygor guide Says:

    These data are very clear and convincing, all of us have to support the engagement of youth to election.

  20. Hello Kitty store Says:

    The data in This slideshow summarizes CIRCLE’s research is very powerful, we could see where should we work harder.

  21. zygor guide review Says:

    Nice slide show, it must have taken quite some time to do that.

  22. Joshua Williams Says:

    The mindset of educated people to noneducated ones are very different. Students attending their college grasp so many ideas from their school discussions about almost all events happening today. In that way, they become socially aware and devoted citizens.

  23. flex development Says:

    I love being unique.

  24. Andrew Davis Says:

    If a teenager is studying at school, he/she will surely know the latest news within his/her area. In that way, he/she will eventually develop his/her sense of responsibility on his/her society.

  25. Ryan Jackson Says:

    Teenager attitude towards situation of their society can be developed within the school. There background of dealing with the issues around them can be their strength as they grow older.

  26. rain boots Says:

    Youth have more chances to improve their social awareness. In this way, they can handle every issue that affects our society.