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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Young Urban Voters in the Midterm Election Year 2006

July 5th, 2007
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by Karlo Barrios Marcelograph

July 2007

This fact sheet presents voter turnout data by urban, suburban, and rural areas, as well as by metropolitan area (29 unique metropolitan areas) by subgroup and age. The Current Population Survey, November (Voting) Supplement, 2006, was the data source used for this analysis.

Download “Young Urban Voters in the Midterm Election Year 2006.”

Click here to view the list of voter turnout analysis in 29 Metropolitan areas.

21 Responses to “Young Urban Voters in the Midterm Election Year 2006”

  1. Kade Says:

    nice done! I have never thought that rural youth is mor econscious than urban! this fact is really sorprising for me… is there any reasonble explanation for this fact? Think it’s worth thinking about!

  2. Jonas Says:

    yeah! I didn’t know it either.There is a such big difference in voter turnout level between adults and youth. Moreover I couldn’t imagine that the rural population is more concious than the urban.

  3. John Revitol Says:

    It doesn’t really surprise me that rural youth turned out to vote in larger numbers than urban. There’s more trouble and more crime in urban areas and people like that don’t vote. Just my simplistic way of looking at it.

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