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State by State Youth Voter Turnout in 2012

May 21st, 2013
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In 2012, national youth voter turnout was 45%. However, youth turnout varied greatly by state. Our new state-by-state interactive map (slide one on includes detailed information on young people in 2012 as well as historical data on youth voter turnout and youth vote choice.

Among the states that had sufficiently large samples, youth turnout in 2012 was highest in Mississippi (68.1%)*, Wisconsin (58.0%). Minnesota (57.7%), and Iowa (57.1%). Voter turnout in 2012 was lowest in West Virginia (23.6%), Oklahoma (27.1%) Texas (29.6%), and Arkansas (30.4%). In every state except Mississippi, voter turnout among those age 30 and above was at least 10 percentage points higher than turnout among 18-to-29 year-olds. You can find more state by state information in our fact sheet “The Youth Vote in 2012.”

In 2012, youth voter turnout was highest in battleground states, regardless of political party affiliation. In general, competition among candidates and parties raises youth turnout.

*Note that although state samples are large enough to meet standard criteria of reliability in the social sciences, all CPS estimates are subject to sampling  and non-response errors and the estimates come with margins of error.  For example, Mississippi’s youth turnout rate of 68.1% is an outlier compared to past results for that state and region and compared to older Mississippians’ voting rates. Individual state results should be viewed with caution and put in context.

** State’s with “0%” in the state map have insufficient sample size and statistic is not reported by CPS.

4 Responses to “State by State Youth Voter Turnout in 2012”

  1. Karen Bogues Says:

    the link to “The Youth Vote in 2012”, breakdown by state of youth vote is not working…. can you please email that info to me? Thank you

  2. CIRCLE Says:

    Hi Karen, Absolutely, sorry about that. I will email you the PDF. – CIRCLE

  3. Matthew Says:

    The link is also not working for me. Would be great if you could shoot me an email with the data.


  4. CIRCLE Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Sorry for the inconvenience – I will it via email to you right now.