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The Millennial Pendulum

February 17th, 2009
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February 18, 2009

CIRCLE Director Peter Levine, along with Constance Flanagan and Les Gallay of Penn State University, authored a new report “The Millennial Pendulum: A New Generation of Voters and the Prospects for a Political Realignment.”  The report was funded by the New American Foundation and was officially announced at an event on February 18, 2009 in Washington DC.  The report finds that the Millennials (born after 1982) are starting their adult lives much more progressive on economic issues than any generation from the early 1960s to today. The historical analysis shows that each generation has held a fairly stable attitude toward economic issues that has remained durable even as major economic and political events have occurred. Each generation has grown somewhat more conservative as its members have moved through life. But the Millennials are starting to the left of previous generations and are therefore likely to move the country leftward for decades to come.  To download the report, please visit The New America Foundation Web site. C-SPAN II broadcast the release event. You can watch the video.

An important study of the Millennials’ political shift is by Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais, Millennial Makeover (paperback edition March 2009).

10 Responses to “The Millennial Pendulum”

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  4. Health Says:

    It’s not surprising with the advancement of technology such as the Internet. News and info spread fast and that contribute to the change in mindset.

  5. Pool Resurfacing Says:

    I find it hard to believe that Millennials are advancing in the economy faster than previous generations. Regardless of what administration has represented any of the past generations, we are dealing with a time that clearly shows debt by the youth of today. I think they are spending more than any generation.

  6. Gold Rose Says:

    “But the Millennials are starting to the left of previous generations and are therefore likely to move the country leftward for decades to come.”

    That’s a scary statement, since extremes are never good. People start thinking with emotion rather than common sense, logic and reasoning.

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    Yes the report is correct,every generation has specific attitude on economic issues.Thanks.

  8. Jessie Jacob Says:

    The trending greatly affected their attitudes on handling things. Now, they are more socially aware of all happenings around them. Also, they tend to be more realistic compared to the older generations.

  9. Alexander Thomas Says:

    The technological trend today influences a lot to all people. Many become socially aware about the different issues around them that help them increase their social awareness.

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