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The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Working Paper 30: Recognizing the Role of Community in Civic Education: Lessons from Hull House, Highlander Folk School, and the Neighborhood Learning Community

April 1st, 2005
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by Nicholas V. Longo

April 2005graph

“Throughout our nation’s history, education has been linked to the promise of democracy. Yet over the past century this connection has too often been narrowed to the school as its sole vessel. This is harmful to education—it puts too much pressure on a single institution. It is also harmful to democracy—it ignores the role of the many institutions that educate, along with the connections between these institutions. This study unearths and examines rich models of learning in which multiple institutions collaboratively play a role in promoting civic education. Using historical and ethnographic case study analysis, this paper addresses the research question: What is the role of community in civic education?”

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