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conducts research on the civic and political engagement of young Americans.
The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Young Voters in the 2006 Elections

December 31st, 2006
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by Emily Hoban Kirby and Karlo Barrios Marcelo

December 2006

Based on 1992-2006 National Election Pool,
National Exit Poll. Compares youth and adult voters. Multiple voter turnout measures are also compared. Provides information on voting trends and attitudes of young voters.

Download “Young Voters in the 2006 Elections.”

Read the press release of the fact sheet here.

6 Responses to “Young Voters in the 2006 Elections”

  1. Reece Says:

    your center does good work and all these statistics are still very important for the society.

  2. Rhys Says:

    that’s realyy good news that the youth is becomng more conscious about their role in the society, and so much sorrowful that adults loose their sense of belonging to the society they are living in…

  3. Kai Says:

    In agreement with 1992-2006 National Election Pool we can see that the youth is becoming concisous about its role in politics especially in 2006.And I’m very glad to hear the news.

  4. badge holder Says:

    Based on 1992-2006 National Election Pool,
    National Exit Poll. This is great pool.

  5. tummy tuck jeans Says:

    Well it looks like this predicted the correct outcome. Well done.

  6. Will Youth Vote? « Transitions2Adulthood Says:

    […] behavior and their increased turnout clearly had an effect on the 2006 election results.” [go here for the full […]