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Three New Volunteering Fact Sheets

July 18th, 2007
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by Karlo Barrios Marcelograph

July 2007

Using data from the Census Bureau’s 2006 Current Population Survey (CPS) September Volunteering Supplement, these fact sheets provide volunteer rate statistics, as well as information on how youth become involved in volunteer organizations, the types of volunteer activities, volunteer rates by geographical region, and median volunteer hours.

3 Responses to “Three New Volunteering Fact Sheets”

  1. NSIP Says:

    Interesting statistics, and thanks for sharing. Perhaps your readers might be interested in a new post on my blog (link above) outlining 30 organizations to volunteer with.

  2. Vuvuzela Says:

    Very informative statistic, I’d like to see similar statistics for 2010, given the turmoil this year (natural disasters) I expect the numbers may have gone up.

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